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Small platters serve approximately 20 people.
Large platters serve approximately 40 people.

Cheese Board

Small 60.00 | Large 120.00
a variety of domestic and imported cheeses served with crackers & grapes

Olive & Pickle Platter

Small 35.00 | Large 70.00
a variety of olives, sweet pickles, garlic dills & pickled vegetables

Vegetable Platter

Small 45.00 | Large 90.00
a colorful array of fresh seasonal vegetables served with a cream dip

Fruit Platter

Small 50.00 | Large 100.00
fresh seasonal sliced fruit

Deli Meat Platter

Small 65.00 | Large 130.00
with salami, turkey, ham, roast beef & garlic sausage served with sliced baguette